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Aulisio, Pat (editor) – Dirty #1


Dirty #1

At least I’m pretty sure Pat is the editor for this issue, with all that artistic expression going on around that guy it’s hard to tell sometimes.  This is another anthology by what appear to be locals around Philadelphia, as they include a class schedule for people interested in signing up… back in September.  Just a note to anybody who sends me time sensitive comics: send me an e-mail mentioning this fact, as if it comes on a note with the comic those two things often get separated.  I try to do new releases first and then go back to the older stuff, but what with the whole “Pat Aulisio Tuesdays” theme I’ve just been grabbing whichever book of his is handy.  Wasn’t there a comic here somewhere?  Ah yes.  This is short but tall and vibrantly colorful.  There’s Ian Harker with a piece about… yeah, not going to touch that one.  Beth Heinly has the sampled piece, as I have an elderly grandmother’s resistance to cat-related strips.  Box Brown, Pat Aulisio and James T. Arnold share a page of strips about fantasy, the distant future and animal funnies respectively.  Bradford Haubrich then has the bulk of the comic with different pieces using layered techniques to make a better whole.  Or something, I’m not so good with the technical descriptions of art, in case that wasn’t blindingly obvious by now.  Steven Streisguth brings up the rear with a couple of gorgeous black and white pieces.  Pterodactyl is the group putting this together, and their motto is in part: “To revive the enjoyment and practice of creating art for personal fulfillment, to create exhibitions and experiences that resonate with diverse audiences, and to bring people together through the arts.”  Sounds good to me and, especially if you know and love the people involved, this is definitely worth checking out.  How you get a copy is another question, but I’ll pass it along here if I find anything out…