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Weinstein, Lauren – I Heart Becky


I Heart Becky

Hooray for more stuff from Lauren! OK, it’s mostly older stuff, but I’ll take what I can get. She has a couple of big projects in the works anyway, so there should be more available in the next couple of years. I’m guessing this is all older stuff but, like I said, that’s only a guess. There are stories in here about birds watching women wrestle, Lauren freaking out at college, a girl helping her boyfriend through the tail end of an acid trip, a dead baby bird, a cat on the pill, Lauren trying to change her parents, and Morrissey. Ah, Morrissey. This is a comic that Lauren did when she was 13 and she was kind enough to put a bunch of the best message board responses that she got at the time. This book, as a whole, doesn’t measure up against Inside Vineland, but I don’t think it was meant to. This is a collection of great stuff that’ll tide you over if you read IV and loved it but don’t want to wait until her other projects to finish up. If I’m remembering correctly I paid $4 for this (it’s pretty big), check out the contact info up there for more info!