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Dawson, Mike – Gabagool #3


Gabagool #3

What’s not to like about this comic? You have the “bounty hunters” on a quest to retrieve the guitar of Ace Frehley, another great rant from Cousin Lenny, fighting, swearing… everything you need. Add that to the fact that these two are putting these out, what, every couple of months or so (how often can you say that about anybody these days?) and I don’t see any reason why they can’t take over the world. Look, these days, any comic that makes me laugh gets my vote (yeah, I’m biased about things actually being good, what can I say). I love the art, the characters are becoming more and more memorable with each issue (and they’re helping their cause a lot in that department by putting these out so quickly), it’s just a great comic. Contact info above, I think I set a new record for parentheses…

Dawson, Mike – Gabagool! #6


Gabagool #6 Now Available! $3

The conclusion to the Hedonism saga! It seems bigger than the other issues too, although it’s entirely possible that I’m making that up. Will any of the guys “get lucky”? Hm, I was going to put a whole list of questions there, but that sure seems like the main one. Oh, and how many dicks are there in this book, anyway? How about boobs? Vaginas? I should probably mention that a fair amount of time is spent at a nude beach. This is the best issue yet, which is saying a lot, and you could probably even figure out what was going on in the rest of the series if you just picked this one up, but why not check out the whole thing? Do you think I’ve been lying to you this whole time about which series are really great? I’m hurt and offended, and now this whole storyline is available through my website, so what’s your excuse? This is all topped off by another great rant from Cousin Lenny who, I’m told by the creators, is a very real person. It’s the perfect funny comic. Contact info is all over this page (which is getting huge, but that’s just because they keep putting out quality comics), check out Mike’s site for more samples!

Dawson, Mike – Gabagool! #5


Gabagool #5 Now Available! $3

There’s one thing about this series that never occurred to me: is Cousin Lenny a real person? I mean, who’s ever seen him? Of course, if you wanted to use that criteria, how does anybody know that I’m a real person? Dude, this is blowing my mind, I’d better get back to the comic. You guys are all reading this series by now, right? Good. That’ll make this easy. This issue picks up with part 2 of the “Hedonism” story, and now everybody is in Jamaica, looking for drugs and women. It never ceases to amaze me how these two can put together an issue where not much of anything happens and still have it be incredibly entertaining. Yes, that really is the only synopsis you get from me for the main part of the book, as you should all be reading this anyway and I don’t want to bore you. The second part, drawn by Tony Consiglio, is all about a mysterious person who’s crapping in the classrooms at school. As for Cousin Lenny, if I said that he was getting soft in the last review, I take it back in this one. He remains one of the consistent highlights in a book that is full of great stuff all the time. Check it out, get the back issues, make these two rich and famous! But not too rich and famous, otherwise they’ll stop putting the goods out on such a regular basis.

Dawson, Mike – Gabagool! #4


Gabagool #4 Now Available! $3

Holy crap! It’s a regular comic! Where the heck did they get the money to publish this? Anyway, more power to them, and it’s a deserved jump, as this series just keeps getting better. I think it’s up to $3 this time, if you were wondering. Chris gets laid off but gets a huge severance check, then hears about a great beach where there’s a lot of action easily had, and hilarity ensues. Or at least it probably does next issue, because it’s “to be continued”. Then there’s a fantastic story about a bunch of the guys sitting around and playing Dungeons and Dragons with the characters saying the lines that the players are saying. Top it all off with another Cousin Lenny rant (although it sounds like he might be going soft. Where’s the rage?) and it’s another solid effort. They seem to be able to keep to a schedule, which is key in comics like this, and they’ve managed to keep it funny every time so far. Check it out, support their self-publishing endeavor.

Dawson, Mike – Gabagool! #2


Gabagool! #2

This stupid scanner, I swear… Anyway, the cover is of the main character and a bunch of animals standing around happily in the sunset. Trust me, it’s funny when you read it. The whole story here is basically a date involving Christopher and a couple of his friends who meet the girl he’s interested and a bunch of her friends in Manhattan. Simple, but a funny story. It’s great to see that they put this out so quickly after #1 too. I don’t know how many #1’s I’ve seen of mini comics in my life, but there have been far fewer #2’s and even less #3’s. Keep up the good work boys, I think you’re onto something. Check out the website too. It looks like Mike is updating on a regular basis, and that’s always a good thing.

Dawson, Mike & Radtke, Chris – Gabagool #1


Gabagool! #1 (made by Mike Dawson and Chris Radtke, reviewed by Jason Dupuis)

let me start by saying that this comic is not bad. it’s pretty entertaining in fact. i just want to get that out of the way before i start complaining about it. anyway, the story is pretty good: a few friends
are sick of their jobs and decide to start bounty hunting. they place a comically terse ad in the “pennysaver” and after waiting a few days, they get a job from a friend. it turns out that they’re not the
greatest men for the job.
i like the drawing style. i like the writing. and the whole package is very well done. the thing i don’t really like is the format. the size is just weird. it’s larger than most mini-comics and smaller than most “mainstream” comics. that’s not so bad, but it seems like they left a lot of empty space. the actual comic panels could easily fit into a more traditional mini-comics size. all of this is still not so bad. what really put me off was the filler they used to round out this big book. okay it may not have been intended as filler but i felt that’s what it was there for. they included some weird stuff; poetry, advertisements, some rant from a character named cousin lenny, anime reviews, etc. which would be fine if this were mainly a ‘zine but i think it’s a comic. i kept expecting a punchline in that poetry but it sure didn’t come. it’s for-real poetry. i’m not trying to poetry bash… i guess i just didn’t appreciate it in this setting, and i’m certainly not an advertisement fan, even if it is for “new york’s hottest online video magazine!” overall, this comic is worth getting (it’s “one friggin’ dollar”).unless it’s a ‘zine, in which case, it’s not great.

Send money to P.O. Box 1638 Radio City Station New York, NY 10101-1638, or visit his website.