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Brown, Jeffrey – Fuck You


Fuck You

It’s official: I love Jeffrey Brown’s comics. Sure, I liked the last book that I read quite a bit, but I wanted to hold off on calling this guy a genius or something until I had more to work with. Well, I’ve seen more, and I’m jumping in with both feet. This guy is a genius. In this comic is the best three page summation of a relationship that I’ve ever seen, and I can’t wait for his novel Clumsy to make it to my mailbox (I ordered it a while ago and believe me, you’ll know when it gets here). Also included are Bighead, Sex Ghosts Attack, a 9/11 comic that’s more human than almost anything else I’ve seen about that day without being pretentious, and all kinds of short strips. Everything in here is golden and your life will be better for having seen it. I can see from looking at the back page that he’s going to be a busy man in the next couple of years, so if you haven’t tried him out yet, do it now so you can say that you were the first! Then when he’s big and “famous” you can say that you knew about him before he was famous but now he sucks because everybody is reading his stuff. Hurry! Contact info is above, and he has all kinds of strips at that website so you can see for yourself.