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Cardini, William (aka Mark Hensel) – Froghead Hangover



Froghead Hangover

Quick, what’s going on in that cover?  If you don’t have it sitting in front of you you’re out of luck, as it continues on the back cover.  Froghead is sitting in front of an empty bottle of booze, and an old man (who you may remember from the last issue) is passed out nearby.  It’s a nice cover; I’d sample it but the size would either screw up the page or, if I shrunk it down enough, it would lose its impact anyway.  So how about the comic?  The old man wakes up and is surprised to see a serenely smug frog head, as he has little recollection of the previous night.  He tosses out the frog head (and I just love how it never changes expression), freshens up and starts to remember things, like how he ran into a shaman at the bar, invited him back to his house and beat his at Dr. Mario.  Satisfied, the old man decides to leave to get some food and finds the frog head where he tossed it… but grown to a ridiculous size.  Anything else I say is ruining the awesome, awesome ending, and I just won’t do it.  I’ll just say that any ambivalence I had about the last issue is gone with this one, as this is a pile of fun.  Those frog eyes will haunt you if you’re not careful, if you read this you’ll see what I mean.  Check it out already.  If this is what William can do when he’s rushed for a con, I say he never has to take his time on a comic again.  Since the last one was $2.50, let’s just say this one is the same price.