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Brown, Jeffrey – Feeble Attempts


Feeble Attempts

This page should be called the “Hey look, a Jeffrey Brown book you may not have seen!” page. Of course, most people who like his work follow it pretty closely, and I try to keep an eye on things, but this collection of assorted odds and ends flew right by me when it came out a year ago. At this point, chances are you have your minds made up about Jeffrey. Either you like his work or you don’t, and you’ll check out this book based on that knowledge. If you do like his stuff this is a solid collection of odds and ends, something more people should do on a regular basis because there are a lot of anthologies out there that vanish quickly, leaving some great work basically unseen. Stories in here include an apparently rejected (and awesome) super hero story, Jeffrey as a boy, the life of a gnat, 9/11, wandering around Maryland, war as reality tv, being a jerk at work, a 2004 year in review, Star Wars Episode III, Jesus, a dog peeing on the newspapers, and, of course, a woman or two. If your measurement for buying one of his books is judged by how many times you laugh out loud, I believe my total was 6, but there’s also some non-funny pieces in here, so that’s a damned good total. Well worth checking out, even as a good introduction to his work just in case you’re the last comics fan in the world who hasn’t seen his stuff. Oh, and you can get this through comic stores, or Top Shelf. $5