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Cattapan, Brian – Exiled Here on Earth #2



Exiled Here On Earth #2

More illustrations from Brian (see the above review and all sorts of other places around this website for my general views on sketchbooks), but with a twist this time: some actual comics are thrown in.  The illustrations (it’s really not far to call them sketches) cover characters we’ve already seen in various Cattapan minis doing various things: Nurdy doing yoga, Zeek with a lightsaber, Nurdy as an actual girl, the two of them bowling, a vampire/zombie conversation, a zombie bride, and a sad zombie, among other things.  The comics deal with food regret, absorbing knowledge, bowling, the sad love life of a vampire, and a crazy bat.  I’ll say one thing for it, it’s a hefty pile of comics.  I still, in my old fashioned way, prefer regular comics to this sort of thing, but if you’re a fan of Brian’s work there’s plenty to like here.  If you’re just trying to check out Brian’s work, you might want to check out some of the other minis on this site and work your way up.  $3


Cattapan, Brian – Exiled Here on Earth #1


Exiled Here on Earth Now Available! $2

Regular readers of this site know that I don’t much care for sketchbooks in most cases, as I’d rather have an actual story than a collection of drawings, and that general rule holds here. This is a collection of drawings from Zeek the Martian Geek and characters from Vampires Need Love Too, different in the fact that this isn’t a sketchbook, it’s a pretty nice collection of drawings. Too many of the vampire collections look like the main character has been caught by surprise, but other than that these drawings are fine aesthetically, I’m just biased against this sort of thing. It’s a good companion piece if you know you already like Brian’s work and just like to see his art, but if you’re just trying him out for the first time I’d put this far down on the list of things to check out.