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Reed, Desmond – Dexter Park


Dexter Park

Desmond has a very good idea about requesting that reviewers don’t reveal the endings for his books, as they’re tiny things and why would somebody ruin a perfectly good ending anyway? Still, he has so far managed to put together a twist ending of some kind in most of his books that just scream out to be spoiled. I’ll continue to resist, but to those of you reading these reviews who are unconvinced: seriously, send him a few bucks for a few comics and you’ll see for yourself. This one starts off very quietly with a single frog going about his day. He meets up with an old friend from his tadpole days and ends up getting invited to a party. The catch is that this party is in one of the “forbidden areas” where frogs are not supposed to go. Why? Rumor has it that there’s a monster in the area. Not all frogs believe in this monster, so our hero goes back to his grandpa who survived a previous encounter with this beast. Well, his tale is a little sketchy, our hero is no longer convinced and all the frogs end up heading to the party. That’s when it gets really good, but you’ll have to see for yourself. I love the quiet moments at the start of these minis. This one has a whole page of a frog eating a fly before things get going, and past issues have had similar quiet moments before things get crazy. Desmond also has a real knack for internal consistency. That’s a strange thing to tout for an author, but his books always make perfect sense by the end of them and they’re usually endings that you probably should have seen coming, but no less clever for that fact. $2