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Roberts, Rafer – Plastic Farm #4


Plastic Farm #4 Now Available! $2.95

Another great, if completely unconnected, issue of Plastic Farm. This one is all about two people, Jack and Emily, who meet in school and fall in love. They’re both pilots and one of them goes missing after flying during a hurricane, and I’m already telling you more about this than you need to know, and I’m also making it seem like an absolute bore. Well, it’s not, it’s just a straightforward story without many bells and whistles, and there isn’t much I can say about it without giving too much away. If you like his other issues, and you already know that the man has a gift for realistic dialogue and social situations, then you know it’s worth a shot. As for the main underlying story that’s supposedly going on here, he mentions what’s coming in the next few issues, and it involves actual recurring characters, so I think we’re getting somewhere. The backup story is from Dennis Culver and is called Astrozombies, which is about, of all things, zombies in outer space. A good few pages of mayhem, which is never really a bad thing. This one’s a bit heftier than the other ones so it’s $4, contact info is up there…