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Yoder, David – David Yoder’s Big Book of Non-Sequitur Funnies Volume 1


David Yoder’s Big Book of Non-Sequitur Funnies Volume 1

As is usually the case when I’m curious about somebody’s work, that curiousity is satisfied when they decide to send me a bunch of their comics. That’s right, there’s this and two more coming in the near future, so I get a much more well-rounded picture of the guy, which always gets a “huzzah” out of me. So how about his comic? This, as you can probably tell by the cover, is a bunch of one or two page stories, or you could probably more accurately call them “jokes”. As most of them are funny, that fits pretty well. Many questions are answered here, such as why do dogs smell each other, why do people look better when you’re drunk, why do paper cuts hurt so much, and why do some things taste like chicken. If you have no interest in these questions, well, that’s half the book right there. Other than that you have a tense trip to a teacher’s party, church, a ghost, pirates and heavy beans. A hodge podge, but mostly a good one. This is probably a buck or two, but you can check that website up at the top of the page for that information and probably a few other things as well…