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Shelton, Dave – This is What Happens When You Don’t Pay Attention


This is What Happens When You Don’t Pay Attention

What a great title for a comic. This is about a man named Danny Atlas and his wandering through life without much of a plan. He ends up 30 feet tall as the result of a nuclear meltdown, but still can’t find much to do with himself. He tries to market himself as a superhero but can’t seem to pull off actually saving anyone from anything, so is forced to resort to playing costumed giant monsters. I just realized that I gave away much more of the story than I usually do, but oh well. It’s told with text on one side and the illustrations on the other, which works perfectly for this story. I was thoroughly entertained by this tale, it’s well worth checking out. Send the man an e-mail, I’d guess $3 but there’s no price anywhere…

Various International Anthologies – Sentence

Website where you can buy this


Anybody out there curious what the British comic scene is like these days? No? Then shame on you, there’s nothing for you to see here. For the sane members of the viewing audience, read on. There are eight artists in this, four of which are on this site somewhere: Gary Northfield, Nick Abadzis, Tom Gauld and Dave Shelton. The concept of this anthology is simple: each creator gets to work with one sentence, and one sentence only, of their choosing. Then they have six pages to tell that story, only using the words in that sentence, if any. Here are the sentences: I want your body and soul; Walk towards the light; What could possibly go wrong?; You’ve gone up in my book now your grandad had a hook; Like a bird-call, but harsh and distorted, like sounds in a cave; Be a happy, healthy dog; Heavens to Betsy, Miss Wickerstaff, have you no shame?; and If I stumbled from your party at three in the morning, would everything turn out fine? There’s not a single bad story in here. My favorite of the bunch changed almost every time I read a new one, which makes this nothing short of a phenomenal success in my book. The price is a bit steep at $12.50 but this is a rare chance to see creators from “across the pond”, as they say, all in one place and getting the chance to really shine. Here’s the e-mail address of the publisher and I really think this book should get some attention…