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Brown, Jeffrey – Clumsy



This is the kind of book you read and then immediately wonder why everybody in the world hasn’t already read it. People should be passing this out at street corners. At the very least this should be handed out to couples as they go into group therapy sessions. Clumsy is the story of a relationship of Jeff’s that lasted about a year. The art is minimalistic and looks rushed at first glance, but it’s perfect for the pace of the book. He tells everything about his relationship, no matter how embarrassing. The sex, his doubts and fears (and neuroses), even the break-up conversation. I don’t know why you need my to tell you about this book, as everybody loves it as far as I can tell. James Kochalka and Chris Ware are both quoted on the back and neither of them can find enough good things to say about the guy. This is $10 and you’re not going to find a better book about relationships anywhere. What makes it so great is that it’s not meant as anything other than a recollection of the time he spent with his girlfriend. It never gets preachy or obnoxious, he’s just telling the story of what happened to him in that particular relationship. Buy it and feel blessed to be reading it, also don’t mind the doubts that it’ll probably bring up in your relationships, past and present…