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Cattapan, Brian – Cay… The Night Huntress #3


Cay… The Night Huntress #3

I think I’m finally starting to get a feel for these comics. I was a little bothered by them at first because they’re so short that they offended my delicate, pre-conceived notions for what a comic should be. Now I see them as somebody sending me a couple of jokes in a little pamphlet with a short story holding it together. This marks (what looks like) the end of the Cay series, as Cay confronts the living piece of collage art and the two zombie vampires. This smudgy art has really grown on me as I’ve seen more of Brian’s work. The smudgy lettering, however, has not, although I do appreciate the occasional filled-in word. It’s $.50, like most of his comics, and you should probably get the lot of them, as it’s an ongoing, complete series. You’ve been here often enough now to find the contact info, I expect…

Cattapan, Brian – Cay… the Night Huntress #5


Cay… the Night Huntress #5 Now Available! $!

OK, so THIS is the last issue of the series. Or so it says at the end of it, anyway. It’s the big confrontation between Kay and that mattress guy, and a chance to end the piles of vampire zombies coming after her. There’s a bit of a rant against men in general and Zak in particular, then the series moves on and everything is settled… OR IS IT? I think this might be my favorite of his series, although it’s a close race with the scaredy cat. Still, kudos to Brian for completely winning my over by the end. Everything else will be in larger format, so get yer tiny comics while they last!

Cattapan, Brian – Cay… the Night Huntress #4


Cay… the Night Huntress #4 Now Available! $1

Take a look at that cover compared to the one for #3. No, there’s nothing different about the artistic style, I just got a new scanner today and I’m in awe. Anyway, I was wrong about #3 being the end of the series, obviously, but it’s OK because this one is better than the rest. Collage is still a big theme for whatever reason, as is Kay’s general problem with men. He’s had plenty of practice with this format and he has it down pretty well. OK, forgive me, but I’m too impatient to see what the other sample looks like on the new scanner to ramble on here…

Cattapan, Brian – Cay… the Night Huntress #2


Cay… the Night Huntress #2

It looks like Brian actually has a continuing story going on with this series. Sure, Zeek is the same character, but there’s no clear direction of where it’s going. This one is about Cay, who apparently has to kill all things undead. He goes on about how horrible collage art is (in his trademark “between the panels” rambles) and throws in a few vampires that act suspiciously like zombies, unless of course they’re zombie vampires. Another shorty but I like where this particular series is going, and it’s cheap as the rest of them too. Check it out already, here’s the website again if you don’t feel like scrolling up…