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Tolento, Mike – Castration



Well, it looks like I can officially retire. Mike Tolento sent me some free comics to review. What’s better than getting free comics in the mail? And to have them be comics worth reading too, well, that was almost too much for me. I was having the hardest time writing this too because I went to his site ( to get cover pictures and spent about a half hour there and could have spent a lot longer. I got caught on this page that was all e-mails sent to his friend Paul from crazy ex-girlfriends and it was one of the better things I’ve ever seen. Anybody who has ever had a crazy girlfriend can relate to that shit.

I’m supposed to be talking about the comic here, aren’t I? Sorry. Castration is about women and , as the cover says, “why we love them and hate them”. One story by Mike Tolento and one by Sam Stern. Mike’s is called Artie’s Last Weekend and it’s all about a middle-aged man and his weekend. What he plans to do with it, what he ends up doing with it and how he deals with. Maybe my favorite of the books that he sent to me, although they’re all so different that it’s really hard to tell. The Sam Stern story (untitled, apparently) is about a man and his total bitch of a girlfriend. One of the better punchlines that I’ve seen lately at the end of it and a good short tale all around. It’s $1, just buy it and enjoy.