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Brown, Jeffrey – Be A Man


Be A Man

Has everybody out there read Clumsy? If you have, you’ll think this is the funniest book on the planet. If you haven’t, you’ll probably still think it’s a funny, but you won’t get a lot of the jokes. So, go read Clumsy and then come back to this, otherwise you’ll ruin it. OK? All done? Well, in this one Jeffrey says that he realized that he was too sensitive and pathetic in Clumsy so he did this book to fix himself. In this book he treats his girlfriend like shit, hits on other women, goes to bars and constantly thinks about sex. If you don’t think that’s funny, I’m not sure why you lied to yourself and me and refused to read Clumsy, but there you have it. It’s $4, check out the website up there for ordering information and plenty of samples from Jeffrey and three other fantastic Chicago artists. Paul Hornschemeier, John Hankiewicz and Anders Nillsen, in case you were wondering, and I know you just wanted me to type them all to see if I could spell them correctly. By the way, once I get all my comics out of storage I’m going to re-scan all these images so you can read them. Seriously!