Aulisio, Pat – Bare Knuckle

September 21, 2010


Bare Knuckle

I have very few rules on this site, but a big one is not spoiling the end of a comic.  I have broken this rule utterly today, as the sampled image is the last page of this absolute blast of a comic.  Why would I do such a thing?  Just look at that image.  If that isn’t the most awesome thing you’ve seen today, you must have had a shockingly awesome day already.  There’s also the fact that practically every page of this short mini has something incredible in it, and you understand my feeling of justification here.  This is, essentially, a video game told in comics form.  The hero (who looks suspiciously like Ultimate Warrior from the old WWF days) starts off punching flunkies, moves on to a bigger boss, lands in a toxic sewer fighting frogmen and an alligator, before finally ending up fighting the boss of the whole thing.  The tacos and turkeys laying around made the comic for me, as who hasn’t played a game with oddly placed food items sitting around to restore your health?  Again, I hope giving away the ending isn’t too horrible of a thing to have done but, if you don’t use that line below the next time you see a fight, there is something seriously wrong with you.  No idea of a price here, but as it’s all in color it’s probably in the $3-5 range…