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Lafler, Steve – Baja



This one is a follow-up to Bughouse and, like the first book, I wasn't all that impressed on the first time through. It's a lot smaller, for one thing, and the basis for the conflict, the criminal who comes back to get his revenge, just seemed like an afterthought after it was initially set up. I'm getting ahead of myself. The story here is that Mr. Muggles gets sent to jail and swears revenge on Bughouse. He comes back and gets them in trouble for some drugs and money that he's planted on them, but the band gets to finish the show and there's not much said about their miraculous escape. Kind of an important thing to gloss over, or maybe I just missed it. It seemed to me that there was a lot less going on in this one than there was in Bughouse. It was mostly about Bones on the run (although forming a band while on the run doesn't seem like the smartest thing in the world to me), falling in love with a sorceress in Mexico. Who knows, I loved Bughouse after I read it again, maybe the same thing will happen here. All I can say right away is that I was disappointed. Check out his other book and if you love that I'm sure you'll come back for more. Otherwise, you won't be missing all that much here.