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Dembicki, Matt and Carol; Auger, Michael J. – Bad Habits #1



Bad Habits #1

So a blind nun, a cranky nun and a hooker nun walk into a bar… This is one of those rare occasions where the potential origin story for these three is almost certainly as interesting as the comic itself. The story here is that there has been a rash of otherwise happy mothers drowning their babies and this special nun squad has been called in from the Vatican to deal with it. I clearly watch too much political news, as the idea that the Vatican would give the womenfolk any kind of power doesn’t strike me as believable, but that is not what most humans are supposed to be thinking about in this fictional tale, and rightly so. Anyway, the nuns notice something that is the same in all of the pictures of the drowned babies and start investigating the anomaly. Again, I couldn’t get over the fact that nobody blinked at the nun in the hooker outfit coming to question them, but that’s still just me. We learn a bit more about what’s going on, there are some great conversations along the way, and things are “to be continued” until the next time around. Oh, and I just now saw the back of the book, which tells us that each of these nuns has a “unique talent” that we haven’t seen yet. It’s a fascinating book and, like I said, I’m damned curious to see how this all came about, even if that’s not supposed to be at the top of my mind. All I can say is that for those of you who have been hoping for a squad of crime solving nuns: your dreams have come true! $3