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Taylor, Whit – Attic



If you’re going to post comics up at your website, why not make mini comics out of them? Whit clearly has no trouble with that idea, as this is another collection of her website comics. She’s also working on a longer piece, which I’d be curious to see after two issues of shorties. Before I get started, embiggen that sample and read the strip. OK fine, I’m not the boss of you, but the next sentence or two will make more sense if you do. What the hell is an “angel master?” Whit clearly gets that clairvoyants are fraudulent, and hey, if she still wants to go see them, it’s her money. But angel masters? Anybody with a functioning bullshit meter would run screaming out of a room if somebody wanted to charge you for their advice based on their expertise as an angel master. I’ll go with the theory that she made  it up, in which case it’s a funny play on just what people are willing to spend their money on. Other strips in here include her homage to her attic, snooty people who loudly proclaim that they watch no television, being caught out watching a crappy movie, an odd yet loving conversation about vomit, how to hide a hickey, the essential vapidity of having hundreds of Facebook friends, how many ads we see in a day, what happens to old soda, what era would be best to live in and how it’s stupid that robots in Pixar movies are given genders. It’s another pile of interesting and/or funny stories, in other words, so you should maybe contact her if you’re interested, as there doesn’t seem to be a price listed here or on her site. My random comic price guess of the day is $2.