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Hob – An Inside Job #3


An Inside Job #3

Formerly known as Eli Bishop, he will now foverer be known as Hob on this website, only a few years after everybody else has already been calling him Hob. That’s this website, always with the up to the minute info. Anyway, it’s been far too long since there’s been a new issue on An Inside Job, and the whole genre of dream comics seems to have mostly faded away, or at least faded from the comics I seem to be reading. Themes in here include death, zombification, werewolves, failure, flirting, scandal, mystery, murder (eventually), a squat-boy. a survival game, and the ever-popular peeing in your sleep. Of course, picking just the theme of the little stories tells you a tiny bit, but there’s so much more to be gained from reading them as a whole. If you asked me what it was I’d run screaming from the room rather than try to nail it down, but trust me on this one. $4

Hob – An Inside Job #2


An Inside Job #2

Sometimes, in my paranoid moments before I fall asleep at night, I think that Eli only sends me his comics to prove how crappy my scanner is. I can fiddle with that thing as much as I want and I still can’t do his comics justice. Anyway, it’s another interesting dream comic. Feel free to buy it and psychoanalyze to your heart’s content, I know how bizarre my dreams are and prefer not to start that sort of thing for fear that people will ask me what I dream about. Things in the dreams include broken legs, pot, sex, snowballs, Senators, and urination. Go to his website and send him a couple of bucks, OK?

Hob – An Inside Job #1


An Inside Job #1

Eli wonders on his website whether or not the world needs another comic about dreams, and for good reason. I thought they were kind of rare until I started seeing minis all over the place that were all about dreams. Luckily it doesn’t matter because the world can always use another good comic, and he’s managed to pull that off. There are a half dozen dreams in this little book and he manages to make it feel surreal, which is pretty necessary for this type of thing. Is it odd that we’ve both dreamt of “fly-seats” though (flying seat cushions)? Maybe it’s more normal than I thought. Anyway, this one is a couple of bucks and it’s well worth checking out. Look at his website for samples and a fantastic links page, among other things. By the way, his comic doesn’t really have a rainbow colored border, it’s just plain grey. But for some reason my scanner thought it looked like a rainbow and I thought it was pretty cool, so here you go.