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Haspiel, Dean – Aim to Dazzle


Aim to Dazzle

There’s plenty to be said about Dean’s dynamic, incredible art. I mean, one look at that cover and you know that you’re about to read something great (and he’s apparently working on a Thing mini-series for Marvel, which I really can’t wait to see). But the main area that really shines in his books is his utterly fascinating and unique use of language. Read my sample page if you don’t believe me, but there is nobody you there who even comes close to Dean on dialogue of characters. No, it’s not necessarily stuff that the average person would say (unless you’re as cool as Billy Dogma and Jane Legit), but it makes my brain tingle to read it. This is what the language could be, if everybody was as traveled and as smart as him. All that gushing being said, I preferred the longer stories over this book, as it’s basically a collection of short works, but there’s not a chance that you can go wrong with any of his books that I’ve seen. If you haven’t jumped on this bandwagon yet, hurry up already.