Aulisio, Pat – Abstracted Comics

October 12, 2010


Abstracted Comics

If there’s one thing I hate about Pat’s comics, it’s that they’re so linear and easy to understand.  Wait, where’s my “snark” button?  Yes, that may have been sarcasm, but Pat gives up the ghost entirely here with this comic.  The title is absolutely accurate, as this mini appears to have once been an actual comic, then it was printed over with another comic, then possibly another comic.  The result is occasionally fascinating (I’m not sure if my scan did the sampled page justice), but in no way resembles a coherent story.  If that’s all you’re asking for in a comic, run for the hills!  If you’re willing to read something that won’t make any kind of literal sense but that will still leave you with a visceral impression, or if you’re already a fan of Pat’s, then you might want to give this a shot.  This also comes with a minier mini, a little black and white things that’s shoved into this color comic, which features abstract art as well, but only one layer of it for panel so at least you have some idea what you’re looking at.  Not much more to say about it than that, and I’ll forgo my usual urge to just keep rambling until something stops me.  As this can’t be judged against other comics, I can’t say whether it’s good or bad, if those concepts even mean all that much to you.  I don’t see this listed for sale on his site (update that list dude, you have all kinds of new comics to put up there!), but I’d say it’s in the $2-4 range.