Hart, Tom – New Hat Stories: Banks/Eubanks


New Hat Stories: Banks/Eubanks

Is there anybody out there who doesn’t know who Tom Hart is? If so, stop reading this and buy as much of his stuff as you can. He’s in my personal top 5 and he’s been there since the first time I saw his work. I only wish more of his minis were in print. Love Looks Left, Wodabe Comics, Manana, Henke (though more of a diary or a zine than a mini comic)… he put out tons of the things back in the day. Seriously, if anybody knows where to get them now, let me know. I’d pay a high price for the few that I missed. Anyway, he’s continued on in works like this one. It’s the story of an old man and his miserable existence. Bleak and depressing at times with very brief spurts of pathetic joy, this, like all of his work, is a unique experience. Go to his homepage and bug him about either putting the minis back in print or putting them all into one big book. All that good stuff shouldn’t go to waste. In case I haven’t made it clear yet, he has one of the best comic websites out there. He’s constantly putting up new stuff and he’s more than willing to share his very educated world views. Give it a click, won’t you?

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