Hart, Tom – Love Looks Left


Love Looks Left

If anybody wants to see my idea of the perfect mini comic, this is it.  I’m continuing with my “why, back in my day” series of looking at older books, and yes, it turns out that in some ways things were better back in the day.  Case in point: Tom Hart was still making mini comics.  This is a collection of short pieces over a three year span, and they all have something to offer.  There’s Tom in the future chatting with his child about how ridiculous it was that we all had to work for 40 years before retiring (which is how things are all the time in the future), his B.U.M. fantasy (a line of clothing from back then; kids ask your parents), how he called up a strange woman to his new apartment and ended up with a bald head and some serious inner peace, Tom and Snufkin playing music that turns into flowers (the only piece that didn’t do much for me and it was a short one), Tom shopping with his “kid” and trying to make it the perfect day, Tom as an old homeless man who plays with his dick all day and talks philosophy when he can be bothered to do so, and his fantasy beating of the man who was sleeping with his ex at the time.  All this is wrapped up by his “kid” pleading for his dad to come home to him, that all is forgiven.  Funny and insightful, I might not ever get tired of it if every mini comic I saw was just like this.  Sadly it’s one of those comics that’s out of print, but you can probably find a copy with some digging.  If not, it’s just one more thing to whet your whistle for when you’ll eventually be able to rent things like this from me to read for yourselves…

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