Elliott, W.E. – The Tale Teller’s Hammer of Witches


The Tale Teller’s Hammer of Witches

I’m really torn with what to think of this guy, so I’m reviewing two of his books. This one was horrible. Not in a “boy, this book sucks” kind of way, just… horrible. It’s basically a detailed description of the way that witches were tortured back in the old days. The page I scanned was one of the few in the book that didn’t show a woman being graphically tortured, raped or ripped apart in some way, and I wouldn’t recommend this to most anyone. It plays as kind of an EC Comics homage, with the Tale Teller playing the role of the Crypt Keeper. The main difference, of course, is that most of the violence in EC comics was either implied or at least slightly shied away from, here it’s tackled head on. I should make clear also that if you’re into Faust and those kinds of really gross books, you’ll probably love this. The man (or woman, it didn’t say) is an incredible artist. Nothing to complain about there. Women being tortured isn’t really my thing, and this book, while informative in a macabre sort of way, was hard to read. If you like really disturbing things, order this book. Go to his website, look around. However, it’s not as easy as all that, because he sent me his other minis as well…

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