Chase, Jamie – Muse #2


Muse #2

This seemed more like an “in between” issue than #1. You know, when a fair amount of action is followed by long text pieces and explanations about where things are going? Necessary, sure, but with all these monsters (and a genuine wizard) wandering around, it got my bloodlust going. In this issue Jamil (the young man on a quest) decides to get political and draws a cartoon about the wizard where everybody can see it… and everybody immediately knows who did it. This means that Jamil has to get out of town, but he can’t even manage to get to the bigger monsters before one of the little ones forces him to turn back. Meanwhile, the good daughter comes to terms with what happens, the bad daughter keeps her rage alive and the wizard loses all patience. Throw in some civilian casualites and you have another solid issue, if slightly less exciting than the first, whatever that means. The same caveat applies here as the last issue: if you don’t like fantasy epics, please redirect your attentions to one of the many other pages around here that instead deals with whining 20 somethings. $2.95

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