Chase, Jamie – Muse #1


Muse #1

Who likes a good fantasy comic? If that person isn’t you, it’s probably best to wander to another artist on this site somewhere. If you’ve been looking for a decent fantasy mini-epic, you may be in luck. A young man on a quest (is there any other kind?) jumps off a bridge to avoid being killed by a very large monster and gets fished out of the water by villagers from a secluded town. He finds himself dumped into the middle of a confusing politcal situation involving an angry dictator, a daughter with at least a slight capacity for mercy and another daughter who seems fine with continuing to kill everybody who disagrees with her at all. Naturally, our hero dives right into things, and we can already start to see the sides forming in this struggle. Oh, and did I mention the conjured dragons? Just in case you thought this was all political or something. An intriguing first issue, and there are a few more still here to get to in the coming weeks. $2.95

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