Chandler, Richy – Tempo Lush #10: The Heartache of Square McBear



Tempo Lush #10: The Heartache of Square McBear

Well, if I’ve learned nothing else from the weekly reviews of this collection, it’s that it is possible to make a set of ten mini comics seem like an epic.  And all it took was not reviewing them as a clump!  This issue is, as you can probably guess from the cover, the story of Square McBear and his heartache.  He is in love with Boxy McFoxy, but it seems that she doesn’t know he’s alive.  He chats with her flatmate (Circle McTurtle) and learns that he is not really her type.  From there he gets more advice from characters that rhyme, tokes up and gets nothing out of it, and finally goes to the local comic store to cheer up.  I try to never spoil the ending of a comic, but because this is the last issue of the set and because the ending is so fantastic, I’m going to tell you how it ends, so stop here if you don’t want to know.  It turns out that Foxy is also a fan of comics, she sees the pile he’s getting and tells him that they should get together to chat.  Ah, the dream of the single comic fan everywhere: that the person you’re interested in is secretly interested not only in comics, but in the kind of comics you read.  Bravo to the whole set, here’s hoping it gets picked up at a few places here in the U.S. so more people get a chance to see it.  If the $16.50 price scares you, well come on, what else are you going to spend that money on, food?  It’s not like that food is going to sitting on your shelf for years to come, or here’s hoping it’s not.  The whole package is worth picking up.


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