Cattapan, Brian – Zeek the Martian Geek #8



Zeek the Martian Geek #8 Now Available!  $3

I’ve probably mentioned it before, but this page is officially getting out of hand.  Maybe I should break his comics down into separate pages for each title or something, except for the fact that he seems to be devoting all his energies to Zeek these days.  As for the comic, I mostly liked this one, as I do enjoy it when he puts out the longer stories.  About half of this book is one big story, and it’s all about Zeek and Nurdy falling into a place in space called The Zone and yes, it is an homage to Twilight Zone, as there are things floating through space and Nurdy breaks her (brand new) glasses upon landing.  There is also a cat in a spacesuit who shows up to get revenge on Zeek for all the cats he’s eaten over the years, and then the story degenerates into a series of pop culture references that eventually ends in an explosion.  Sorry, did I give away the ending?  Well, in this case I didn’t mention it it wouldn’t have made any sense when I praised how the eyeballs of the creature who exploded managed to stay in the exact same place when its head exploded.  The rest of the comic is mostly a bunch of one page strips, dealing with computer humor, matrix-frisbee, getting away from civilization, extreme bowling, learning from a child, and trying to find their way through the wilderness.  Good stuff, although I’m sure everybody on this website knows by now whether or not this is for them.  If it is there’s also a brand new collection of the first 7 issues available, so you should probably keep that in mind… $3


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