Cattapan, Brian – Scat… the Scaredy Cat #4


Scat… the Scaredy Cat #4 Now Available! $.50

The tiniest comic in the world continues. I think this series is probably my least favorite of Brian’s, mostly because it’s too small to be anything but a one-gag comic, and you can see that gag coming a mile away. In this one an alien tries to convince Scat that there’s a hole in the wall leading to all the quiet and calm in the galaxy. On the plus side, the art is getting more and more polished every time I see it. The messiness that would come up with the shading just isn’t an issue any more, which leads to the whole package looking a whole lot better. Like I’ve said before, if you’re going to buy his stuff, it’s better to send him a few bucks so you can at least have a few comics to flip through. No sense in the world to buy one book and then have it read in 15 seconds. Contact info is all over the place here, you know what to do… ($.50)

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