Brookes, Gareth – Man Man and Friends #1

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Man Man And Friends #1

Any of you comics folks out there who are convinced that what you’re doing is as minimalistic as it gets, please take note of Gareth Brookes. In this comic you will find a series of brief conversations and/or jokes, usually between Man Man and himself, Man Man and Woman Woman, or an electric plug with either itself or the wall socket. There are no backgrounds, no facial expressions (or, conversely, faces), and very little at all outside of the basic lines necessary to make objects. Luckily that’s not a bad thing in this case, as pretty much the whole thing is funny. There’s something in here for everybody, whether it’s the secret shame of making fun of a fat lady to impress your friends, trying to reach that magical “drunk enough to have sex but not so drunk that he/she’ll get sick all over the place” threshold with a date, showing no fear to a dog, or shattering the dream of being a pornstar. Gareth sent me a hefty pile of comics with this so my opinion will become more informed over time, but for now there’s always room for one more insightful, funny guy in the world of comics. It’s from the UK so I’m not entirely sure on the price, but judging from the way the dollar is going I’d say just send him a pile of money and hope for the best. Or you could just check out that handy website linked above…

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