Brookes, Gareth – Woman Woman #1

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Woman Woman #1

From the pages of Man Man and Friends, it’s Woman Woman in her own series!  For those of you who enjoyed Gareth’s depiction of unsightly male behavior, you’ll be happy to know that he has an equally keen understanding of the female mind.  Or at least he seems to to another male; I’m sure the ladies will be able to find issue with some things.  Gareth details the ongoing sage of Woman Woman telling her troubles to her gay hairdresser (who seems to keep most of this advice to himself), the death of chivalry, an ill-advised attempt to stop guys from staring at her, a battle of naming rights for the new dog, the awkwardness of an unsuccessful one night stand, getting dolled up so much that it leads guys to believe that they have no chance, getting hit on by a repairman, and trying to compete with a woman who is always surrounded by guys.  Gareth has proven conclusively with his comics that you don’t need a thing besides stick figures to have a hilarious comic, as damned near everything I’ve seen from the guy has made me laugh out loud at least a few times.  I have no idea on the pricing of any of these, but a good strategy would be to send the man a pile of money and see what happens.  Oh, and request a few comics, of course.


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