Aulisio, Pat – Badassitude


Badassitude (flip comic with Craig Coleman) Now Available! $1

Look out, it’s a flip book! OK, possibly nothing to get alarmed about after all. I wish more people would do comics this way; it’s a great way to see people that you’ve possibly never heard of. Pat has a couple of selections for his half. First there’s a silent tale with a rocking band, vomited from the very heavens to rock. Then there’s a shortie that you might have already seen if you’d ordered his stuff from the online store, as I was passing it out as a freebie, about a couple of, um, “guys” talking about a new hot chick at work while going about their business. Craig’s side of things is relatively simple: a whore gets shorted on her pay and takes it out on everybody near her, samurai style. Granted, the ending was something you could see coming, but it was nicely done. All in all, a pretty decent mix of stories for a buck.

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