Aulisio, Pat – Revolution With a Catchy Phrase #7


Revolution With A Catchy Phrase #7

Pat seems to be getting tired of telling anything remotely resembling a traditional story. Of course, traditional storytelling is overrated anyway, so it doesn’t make that big of a difference. Even in his one “main” story here, involving people watching advanced aliens of all kinds have sex (until they eventually start having sex with them too, and then bad things are bound to happen), he breaks up the four page tale with a couple of asides. Then most of the rest of the book is simply images of various horrific creatures as well as a few one page stories about puking and a persuasive giraffe. Another OK issue but I prefer it with a bit more story. Purely personal preference, as it’s hard to look at that cover and not love this issue more than just a little bit…

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