Ink, Max – Bolt: Devil’s Sermon #3



Bolt: Devil’s Sermon #3

Another of the random grabs at SPACE, this one is the serialized parts of a graphic novel. I got the first three issues and figured I’d just review the last one. That way all of you would know how the story is progressing and whether it’s worth checking out or not, and I honestly don’t know. The first two were OK, if a bit too silly, and it wasn’t a silly story. Way too much dialogue that couldn’t possibly have been spoken by a human. Still, he was clearly going somewhere and I remember how bad some of the first issues of some of the great long series were (Love and Rockets and Cerebus, to name a few), so I was willing to at least get the first collected graphic novel when it came out to see how he has progressed. Then came the third issue, where there’s a new “creative collaborator”, Chad Wilson. I’m not saying negative or positive about him because I have no idea what he actually did here, but he came along after a long span between issues when it was supposed to come out every other month. Put that together with the fact that this issue felt different from the other ones somehow and it has me worried. The first two were mostly about a man dealing with the death of his girlfriend in an incredibly dramatic fashion and this one was about him talking to a devil and making some kind of deal. Maybe the next one is where it starts to get interesting, but I sure hope he’s turned the corner on this and has everything together. I should mention that the art is great. If he does get his story together this could be an incredible series, so I don’t mean this to come off as negative. E-mail him (and please, send him some letters to fill up those back pages with something other than rambling (not that I can ever be allowed to bitch about rambling)) or send him a few bucks for the latest issue at 642 South Everett Avenue Columbus, OH 43123-2724.

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