Pilkington, Andrew – Mole #6


Mole #6

If you like any combination of funny, bizarre and spectacularly gross stories, have I got a comic for you! Andrew has clearly been at this awhile, as he has 7 issues of this series (as of August 2022) along with a few other comics available, and this one has a number of images that are probably going to stick with me for a bit. I barely know where to start, so why I don’t do the traditional vague indication of the content of the stories and see how it goes? There’s one about how the lines on your face are actually literal lines of tiny people, which is probably the most “normal” one of the bunch. Then there’s a profoundly impractical tip for how to unblock your nose, one for how to get rich, and another about someone getting ready to go out. The bulk of the book is made up of a few longer stories, and telling you about these without giving anything away is going to be tricky. First up is the story of a fast food manager who trips on his way out, with his keys flying out of his hand and ending up in the fryer. Obviously he’s not going to dig them out himself, so who does that leave? It goes to a terrible place after that, is all you’re getting out of me. Then there’s Moleboy, which may be a continuing story? It’s “to be continued” after this, anyway. This was another deceptively normal tale about a couple of kids exploring and tagging the sewer, which again took a real turn at the end. Finally there’s the bulk of the book, which gives you no illusions about it being a comforting and quiet tale, about a guy whose face gets up off of his head while he’s sleeping, grows arms and legs and then goes exploring. This might end up being fine if the dude stayed asleep, but… he did not. There’s a lengthy sequence involving a faceless dude trying to make his own way to a doctor, full of hijinx that will amuse and terrify you. And possibly make you sick, I don’t know whether or not you have a strong stomach. So clearly this one is not for the easily grossed out, but for the rest of us there’s some really inventive stuff in here. It’s also not going to fool anybody who is easily grossed out, as that cover says it all, really. Give it a look, I say. $10

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