Update for 9/24/10

New review for Spaz! #3 by Emi Gennis and, as I seem to be getting a ton of comics lately, I will be around this weekend doing reviews.  I have an idea for that still-working-on-it comics rental project that would involve me doing it by myself.  It wouldn’t be pretty, as I have no skills for this sort of thing, but it would be functional and waiting for web help is clearly getting me nowhere.  Would anybody out there be overly offended if the rental service took a bare minimum of work on your end (like cutting and pasting a pile of titles of comics you’d like to receive instead of clicking and having them automatically added to a list) or would you prefer to wait until that mythical day when it’s all done perfectly by a gifted web designer?  This isn’t rhetorical, I’m asking for opinions here…

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