Update for 7/21/10

New review for Team Girl Comic #1 by various ladies out of Glasgow.  Let’s check on a couple of fundraisers!  There’s the one for Secret Prison #2, which has made it past their goal but still has stuff for sale, so you could still make out like a bandit and get all those William Cardini books for $5 if you hurry.  I also found out today about one for Good Minnesotan #4, a nice pile of minis I should be able to review next week.  Apparently they’re trying to get it published as one big book instead of a bunch of little ones, and they’re close to their goal with only 4 days left.  They’re also doing this so they can sell this at the reasonable price of $5, so if you have a few extra bucks and would like some goodies they are very close to their goal.

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