Hill, Dan – The Fifty Flip Experiment #10


The Fifty Flip Experiment #10

There’s a lot to be said for simple consistency, the continued ability to put out funny, interesting comics on a regular basis.  Dan, at the very least, has that down.  He managed to put out one of these every 2 months for a couple of years there, no small feat in the mini comic community.  This issue was done a little over a year ago and it looks like he’s only put out three issues since, which means that he slipped up a little bit.  Or you could look at it another way: how many small press people do you know that managed to put out three issues of anything in the last year?  It’s a much smaller list than it should be.  On to the comic, as I sure can meander off topic.  This starts off with a pretty funny text piece based on This American Life, Ira Glass and David Sedaris.  Well, I thought it was funny; your mileage may vary based on your familiarity with those people and/or that show.  The comics end up dealing with utter randomness, including the shortest friendship ever, a married couple completing each others’ sentences, some hyper-literary nonsense that has to be read to be believed (I tried summing it up but it’s impossible), apology lines, a unicorn who thinks we need a strong Israel, and Spoons For Hands Man crapping all over everything.  There’s also the chunkiest part of the comic in the middle, and it’s all about a zombie waking up his dinosaur steed, shooting an alcoholic owl and running over Hunter S. Thompson.  All of that only scratches the surface of the nonsensical hilarity of the comic, and it’s only nonsensical for the parts I didn’t understand, but they probably had a deeper significance that flew right over my head.  These random piles of funny have really grown on my over the last couple of years, you should think about getting a few of these so you can see where I’m coming from.  $2

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