Jeffrey, Nick – Disco Slaughterhouse #1


Disco Slaughterhouse #1

Poor Nick Jeffrey.  He had a perfectly decent website, couldn’t keep up the costs (because you cheap bastards apparently didn’t buy enough of his comics, or perhaps you did buy enough of his comics and he spent it all on booze) and had somebody else take over the site and fill it with poetry.  I’m sure there are worse fates for a website, but if I eventually run out of money to keep this site going, I’d like somebody in the porn industry to buy it and at least have the decency to fill it with naked people.  There, somebody make a note of that for their “in case I get hit by a bus” file.  As for this comic, there are times when a cover tells the whole story, and this one succeeds admirably on that front.  There’s an old fat man (Mr. Anderson) who gets hired for a job with an advertising agency.  This agency, sadly, didn’t know that Mr. Anderson was old and fat, they thought they were hiring someone young and fresh.  Fired from his new job and with the case thrown out of court (as the judge didn’t sympathize with him either), he finds a way to get in shape and get the respect he deserves: steroids.  He is hired back on, but this time as the coach of a youth soccer team and, well, you can guess what happens next from that cover.  His team ends up playing a team of fat kids and makes fun of all the fatties, causing a flashback to his traumatic fat past, which leads to one of the bloodier scenes of a group of small children getting torn apart that I’ve ever seen.  Not that I’ve seen a whole lot of scenes of children getting torn apart.  It funnier than you might think, or at least it is if you’re like me and children mostly annoy you and you have enough of a functioning brain to see that this is a work of fiction.  That description of mine maybe makes this seem a bit dry, but there are funny bits throughout.  From the beginning strip with the squirrels (if I’m not mistaken they haven’t been seen since the days of Hillbilly Sex) to the products that the advertising agency comes up with to World’s Sexiest Baby 2007, I was chuckling throughout this book.  That’s all I ever ask from a comic that isn’t trying to teach me something, and sometimes even out of those comics.  Unless you’re a real delicate flower this comic is a pile of funny and something you should check out as soon as possible.  $3.50

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