Myers, Eric – It’s One Line


It’s One Line

Full disclosure here: Eric is from Momence, IL, my hometown. It’s a place that has about 3000 people living in it, so it was something of a shock when I got an e-mail a few months back from somebody living in that town who also did small press comics. I was really nervous that I’d have to pan this comic, but luckily, it’s something that I’ve never seen before, so I have nothing but praise for it. See how that one line is sticking out over the left edge of the cover? Well, that one line is used for the entire comic. For any artists out there reading this, I’d have to think that that’s a pretty incredible feat. It’s impressive to me anyway; I don’t think I’ve ever seen in all the comics that I’ve read. OK, fine, it’s an impressive experiment, but what about the actual comic? Well, that’s good too. It’s about standing in lines in general. Waiting for a show, or being stuck in traffic, or the post office, everything that goes through your head while you’re stuck waiting and all the ways that lines effect your life. The lettering is (by necessity) a little blocky, but that’s distracting for all of the first page, then you get used to it. Kudos all around on this one, it’s something that I think more people should try. It’s $2, check out the website!

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