Zwirek, Jeff – Cast of 2008 Beijing Olympics



Cast of 2008 Beijing Olympics

Who watched the Olympics this year? It’s never been my thing, but if you did or if you were maybe interested in seeing a partial listing of who won what medal, accompanied with Jeff’s version of their face, this is the comic for you!  Mostly this is just an excuse to get everybody reading this to give Burning Building Comix (reviewed up at the top of the page) another look, as why didn’t you already give it a close look?  It’s only quite possibly the best thing Jeff has done, with the probable exception of Black Star.  Still, if you’re a huge fan of the Olympics, you should pick up a copy of this when you order all his older stuff that you’ve missed.  From him, probably, as I don’t have most of his best stuff available here, but I do have his early work.  No price on this, but let’s say $2.


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