Zwirek, Jeff – The Cast of 24: Season 4


The Cast of 24: Season 4

Again with a review of a comic that isn’t really a comic (sort of), mostly just so I can say out that loud that I’m really looking forward to the next issue of Black Star, whenever that might come out. As for the series 24, I lliked it a whole bunch when it first came out and then have liked it less and less each year, although I have to admit that things got off to a great start last year. Mostly because Jack still being alive (and having the energy to get through another 12 hours without resting after being brutally tortured and still manage to kill another bunch of well-rested villains) is just ridiculous at this point. That and I really get tired of them saying “now” all the time to build tension. Seriously, watch a DVD of any season, make a drinking game out of it. See if you’re still conscious after an episode. I’ll leave you with a sample of my favorite character, and another plea for Jeff to get to work on Black Star #4, unless I just missed it, in which case please get to work on Black Star #5…

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