Young, Jason – Veggie Dog Saturn #2


Veggie Dog Saturn #2

I’ve read many, many comics over the years, but this one might just win the prize for having the title and cover image have as little as possible to do with the contents. Not that that’s a bad thing, as this is a thoroughly terrific story about Jason’s one and only night as a limo driver, and that does happen to be a great cover, just thought I should point that out. Jason has only ever worked one job in his life, at a comic store (the lucky bastard… or wait, maybe not so much), and when he gets the chance to drive a limo around for a night, well, why not? Things go well for the first half of the night, Jason is having an excellent time, making money, getting paid to do homework, and then decides to end the night at a Steak and Shake. This leads to a group of teenagers offering him money to drive them around for a few hours, and what could possibly go wrong with that? It’s impressive that it works as a heartwarming little tale about kids scrounging enough money together for a prom limo AND as a rowdy misadventure involving a group of assholes. Most comics would go with one or the other, but Jason takes the whole mini and really makes it work. I know, in this modern age, that people may not like not having an e-mail address to click on, but he has a few other quality books available too, you know. Send a few bucks in the mail, the old fashioned way, and get some decent comics. $2

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