Young, Jason – Veggie Dog Saturn #1



Veggie Dog Saturn #1

Fans of reviews done in chronological order must have a hell of a time with this site.  On this page alone I reviewed #2 first, then another comic, then #1, which made me realize (through matching e-mail addresses) that both Jason Young’s on this site really were the same person.  Any of you antiquated thinkers assuming that reading something top to bottom will make any sense as a whole better find some other website.  So how about this comic?  I’m glad that I read #2 first, as this one was OK, but #2 was where the man had me thoroughly engaged for the whole story.  It’s mostly because of subject matter, as this one is all about Jason getting over a failed relationship and trying to start another one up after months of zero interest.  The end of the relationship seems to be a mutual thing, but unfortunately he had met his ex through a mutual friend, so she remains a part of the picture.  As for his new love interest, it turns out that she has an excellent reason to not want to be dating him, but it takes him quite a while to find that reason out.  Jason could have used a bigger comic here, frankly, as this is the sort of story that cries out for a range of facial expressions.  He chose story over expressiveness, so while the backgrounds and people still look great, it’s damned near impossible to read faces.  An odd complaint, granted, but it’s all I have this time around.  It’s a good story, all too familiar to anybody who has had an ex stick around the social group after a breakup and to anybody who ever wanted to start dating again with someone who just wasn’t into them that way.  Oof, what an awkward sentence.  Well, that’s why they pay me the big bucks…  $2


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