Williams, Dylan – Reporter #2


Reporter #2 Now Available! $2.50

Is it OK to call something a rich tapestry if it’s only a few issues old? Well, if it is, then that’s what this is. This issue is the one that I’d been missing in the series, and it really didn’t fill in any holes like I thought it would. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. This is all about two people meeting and getting to know each other. The thing is that one of them is a ghost, and I don’t think I’m giving anything away by telling you that because that’s basically the description for the issue on the order form inside the book. It’s possible that I wouldn’t even know that if I hadn’t read said description, as it’s very subtle and understated. Anybody who’s read one of these knows that they’re all essential, right? For everybody else, this is a wonderfully self-contained issue that barely hints at the much larger picture. My only complaint is that the dialogue seems a bit forced at times, but this is about a couple of teenagers. It’s $2.50, do yourself a favor and get the whole bunch of these at once so you can see them how they’re meant to be seen.

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