Van Sciver, Noah – Blammo #3



Blammo #3

I must have said this a few hundred times by now, but it remains true: three cheers for random submissions.  Sure, it’s nice to have the regulars send in all their new books for review and see them develop as artists.  Or give up completely, as a bunch of them end up needing to avoid poverty and quit with the whole comics thing.  That being said, Noah has all the potential to end up being one of that rarest of cartoonists: one who will be able to eke out a living through sheer talent alone.  This isn’t meant to indicate any lack of talent on his part, as this is still early days for his work and he already has plenty of things down pat, it’s mostly due to the fact of the tiny, tiny number of people who read these things.  How about that new year pessimism?  Anyway, the strip sampled below is brilliant, with many of the other pieces reaching that level.  He has everything from longer pieces to one page wonders, including the pathetic tale of Carter (a man with no neck and no luck with women), the creative stimulation of a horrible breakup, a long piece about two chickens wandering through the desert that didn’t seem to go anywhere (but it’s “to be continued”, so who knows), the story of his poor and crowded childhood, whatever happened to Scott, the daily struggle to get up and go to work (and as somebody who called in “sick” today for no reason, I can relate), accidental Daisy Dukes and his inevitable fate.  There’s one other thing that I love on his website: if you send him $50 he’ll put your name in his next comic.  A brilliant idea, and I am hereby stealing it for this website, so get those donations in!  Seriously, other than the chicken story, this was a great comic all the way through, and even the chicken story had the best “chickens on acid” page I’ve ever seen. Plenty of sample comics on his website (and even a few in color!) and, like he says on the cover for Blammo #2, he probably is a future cult favorite.  If you don’t get in on the ground floor you won’t be nearly as cool as you think you are.  $4


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