Upton, Colin – You’re Young It’s Dark Your Bladder’s Full



You’re Young It’s Dark Your Bladder’s Full

I have failed you.  Everybody who comes here thinking this is any kind of a comprehensive resource for small press comics, I made a big mistake: Colin Upton didn’t get a page on this site until 1/25/10.  Considering that he was a favorite of mine back in the day, that’s shameful.  I remember looking for him online when I started this website and couldn’t find a trace, but I still should have checked again at some point in the future, as he has a website now (although it looks a little thin on free samples) and it appears that all of the minis I got ages ago are still available, and still available for the same price (60 minis for $25).  Sorry, I should take that out of parentheses and add some exclamation points.  60 minis for $25!!!  That’s some bang for your buck right there.  He has a wide variety of minis (that will be popping up here more often now that I know he’s still out there), and some more recent material that I hope to be picking up soon.  The theme of this mini should be obvious from that fantastic title: a young boy wakes up, alone in the dark, having to pee.  He takes all his stuffed animals with him to prevent what lives in his closet from killing them and slowly makes his way to the bathroom when tragedy strikes: one of the stuffed animals falls down the dark basement stairs.  What follows is (when thought of from the point of view of a small child) a terrifying descent, with an even more horrifying ending.  Good stuff, and boy am I looking forward to digging through all his minis again.  It’s a little tricky to find his personal info on his website, but it’s located under the “news” section and includes a phone number which I didn’t want to post here because it’s not MY phone number, and I wasn’t sure how readily available he wanted that information.  $.40, or $25 for a set of 60 minis.


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