Stevenson, Robert H. – The Bone Closet


The Bone Closet Now Available! $5

Hyberbole alert! This guy, after an admittedly short sample size, looks to me like a possible heir apparent to the legacy of Edward Gorey. If you don’t know who that is shame on you, as moody, atmospheric comics of all stripes owe a serious debt to the guy. Granted, Robert needs to beef up his shadows a whole bunch to match Gorey’s work, but luckily it’s already clear that he’s making his own mark on comics with these first two issues. There are three stories in here, all various degrees of perfection. First up is a tale about a young boy trying to deal with an infestation of zombies at his school, eventually finding out that carrying a creepy doll with a big head is the best way to keep the zombies away. Next up is the story of a young man getting told bedtime stories by his father, who has a disturbing secret. Any more than that and you’d probably figure out what that secret was, so let’s move on. Finally in this one is Russel, a story about a man who needs young women in love with him to voluntarily turn into trees so that he can live as a human. Really, this is a thoroughly enjoyable book for anybody who loves a good gothic tale, and even if that’s not your thing you might find yourself loving them after reading this one. $5

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