Soto, Zack – The Secret Voice #1


The Secret Voice #1

This is a short book with two pretty simple stories. One is about a Galactus-like creature coming down to Earth to methodically destroy it, and the other is about the reactions of one person to the inevitability of his destruction. I’d heard a lot about Zack, but this issue was (and he admitted this in the start of the book) a bit rushed. The back page tells of two other books that equal around 200 pages, so I’d love to see something a bit bigger so I could have an accurate judgment of his stuff. As for this one, I liked it. He’s been around doing comics for awhile and this was a good short book. There’s probably a bunch more stuff on his website, so it’s going to have to go on my “Ill buy this one of these days” list, at least until I see him at some convention or other. Check out his stuff, he looks talented to me…

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